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Carded wool for sale!

Good news for everyone, who's working with felt and looking for quality wool batts. I can offer wonderful 29mic New Zealand sheep  wool, wich I'm using for my felted slippers. I've got over 70 color shades on stock . It's soft and ideal for needle felting and wet felting technique, because felts ideal!
You can pick any colors from wool color pallete and request any quantity. 

I can make a mix of your required colors, just send me message with numbers and quantities of them and I will make a listing with exact counted shipping prices.

SHIPPING PRICES in Lithuania are based on the weight of the package. Let me know what way of shipping are acceptable to you.

to European Union:
up to 50gr- priority 2$, registered 4.8$
up to 100gr- priority 2$, registered 4.8$
up to 500gr- priority 3$, registered 6$
up to 2kg- priority 6.8$, registered 9.5$

To the rest of the world:
up to 50gr- priority 2$, registered 4.8$
up to 100gr- priority 2.5$, registered 5.4$
up to 500gr- priority 5.6$, registered 8.3$
up to 2kg- simple 10.4$, priority 17.2$, registered simple13,2$, registered priority 20$

You can buy it on Etsy store here or send me a message to : zavinta@gmail.com

Ther's the set of many wool colors in 1oz and wool color pallete for Mary:

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