2010 m. liepos 14 d., trečiadienis

Fairy shoes- Riestanosės kurpaitės

FOR SALE! Colorful handfelted home shoes, US 6.5, UK 4, EUR 37

Encourage the fairies in your garden to dance - keep an extra pair of shoes. Green/ yellow/orange colours and curly noses will surely brighten a day. The top of the slippers is decorated with beads. They are nice, thick and warm, lightweight and seamless, practical, and so-comfortable! They also have healing properties, can cure feet pain, have a little massage effect. On the bottom there is a latex sole to prevent slippage and waterproof them.
Size: Slippers will conform into the shape of your feet after few wears, so sizing is quite forgiving. These should fit ideally american adult size 6.5-7 (37-37.5 european/ 4-4.5 british).

Nors vasara lepina mus karščiu, pabūsiu bjauri ir priminsiu vėsius ir drėgnus rudeninius orus. Ruošk roges vasarą, kaip ir šiltas šlepetes. Stebuklingos riestanosės kurpaitės sušildys kojytes ir praskaidrins dieną. Dydis 37. Nuostabi dovana truputėlį "kreizovam" žmogeliukui.

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