2010 m. liepos 28 d., trečiadienis

CD/DVD gift case

Custom order for my friends photographers PHOTOSCENE.
This is a great way to present your digital photographs whether you are a professional photographer and want to package your work beautifully or you just want to make a CD in to a spectacular gift.
This hadfelted CD case is a wonderful way to present a CD or DVD to someone special.
Made from 100% Merino wool. Decorated with cotton lace, silk, linen, carefuly beaded.

Naujas gaminukas- dovaninis krikštynų nuotraukų CD dėkliukas mano šauniems draugams Photoscene .
Merino vilna, medvilniniai nėriniai, šilko, lino pluoštai, biserio karoliukai.

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