2011 m. sausio 18 d., antradienis

First slippers this year- pirmosios šiais metais

Pirmosios šlepetukės šiais metais ir , o taip, dydis 46. Mano mėgstamiausias- kalnas vilnos ir lekalas per puse stalo :)
The first pair of slippers this year and, what a joy - size 46!

5 komentarai:

  1. Huhh...Size 46? It is a giant's slippers? :-)))

    But wonderfull.

  2. Hello, you felted very nice things; I like your shoes very much. For 1 ½ year I have felted for the first time in my live in Vilnius. There I have learnt it.
    Hadiah Schumacher

  3. hello, your shoes are so beautiful, thanks for the great inspiration


  4. Thank you, girls, for being my readers

  5. Gorgeous slippers ! Just love the color combination. Your other works are amazing. Thanks for sharing.